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Tony Gonzalez, a reporter in Nashville since July 2011, covers city news, features inspiring people, and seeks out offbeat stories. He’s also an award-winning juggler and hot chicken advocate who lives in East Nashville with his wife, a professional bookbinder. During his time at The Tennessean newspaper, his investigative reporting and feature stories were honored in the state and nationally. Gonzalez grew up near Chicago and came to Nashville after three years reporting and editing at Virginia's smallest daily newspaper, The News Virginian.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

 Fewer people were homeless in Tennessee before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a federal count that was made public this week.

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Tennessee is bringing in tax dollars far faster than projected, and is now $1.3 billion ahead of expectations for the fiscal year that concludes at the end of June.

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New information from the FBI finds that the man who blew himself up in Nashville on Christmas morning struggled with paranoia and believed in conspiracy theories. But the FBI says he was not motivated by social or political ideology and that he tried to minimize harm when taking his own life.

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As the region wakes up to a wintry mix of snow and ice, forecasters warn that the worst of the storm is yet to come, bringing 1 to 3 inches of snow in Nashville and up to 5 inches around Clarksville.

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Five of downtown Nashville’s historic buildings will likely undergo at least partial demolition because of damage from the Christmas morning blast. And six more remain at imminent risk of collapse.

Those are among the preliminary findings from a local engineer who surveyed the blast area for a report to Metro officials.

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Federal disaster aid was approved Tuesday in response to the Christmas morning bombing in downtown Nashville.

Tony Gonzalez / Nashville Public Radio

Now that it’s over, Tennessee can officially say that 2020 was an abnormally active and “devastating year” for tornadoes.

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In the wake of the downtown Nashville bombing, investigators say there is not an ongoing threat in Middle Tennessee. But a box truck driver in Rutherford County still drew a massive response on Sunday afternoon. 

The Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office investigated reports of a truck that parked outside of a church and Crossroads Market and played loud audio similar to the RV that issued warnings before exploding in downtown Nashville two days earlier.

The truck was stopped on Highway 231 South and a state bomb squad found no explosive device.

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Election results are expected to take longer than usual this week — and election administrators say a winner might not be declared on Election Day.

This was not how David Briley expected his day to go.

The new mayor of Nashville described his first, unexpected hours in office on Tuesday as “drinking from a fire hose” — from small tasks like getting a new ID badge made, to taking calls from former mayors, to talking about school funding with the district’s director.