Airgas, Inc. Announces $30M Investment and ASU Plant in Marshall County

May 20, 2014

Credit Wikimedia Commons

One of the nation’s leading suppliers of industrial, medical and specialty gases is bringing new jobs to Marshall County.

Airgas, Inc. has announced it will build an air separation unit, or ASU, to supply tonnage oxygen and nitrogen gases via pipeline to Westlake Vinyl, Inc., at its expanded Calvert City manufacturing complex. 

Marshall County Judge Executive Mike Miller said the plant is a $30 million investment into the economy and the plant will employ around 8 maintenance workers and upwards of 20 truck drivers.

Airgas, Inc. owns and operates 16 ASUs across the nation including one in Clarksville which started gas production operations in 2013.

Airgas currently owns and operates 16 ASUs and is the fifth-largest producer of atmospheric gases in the U.S. The Company's full range of gas supply modes - from cylinders and dewars, to microbulk, bulk, and on-site - enables its customers to optimize their production processes through the gas supply mode that most effectively and efficiently meets their needs.

The Calvert City ASU is expected to be on-stream in the spring of 2016 producing liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon to support growth in the region’s bulk gas market.