[Audio] A Conversation on Home Health Care Treatments

Apr 26, 2016

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Home health care is a service that many providers and patients have considered as of late. Melanie Beck and Tammy Sullivan of Baptist Health Home Care speak with Tracy Ross on Sounds Good on how the treatment option works.

Home health is a service for clients that might need extra assistance in their home. This could include trouble with getting to a doctor, dressings and other safety concerns on a regular basis. Home health offers services similar to what you’d find in a hospital.

Sullivan says home health is designed to meet patients’ needs, and is adjustable based on each patient. It’s not a service designed solely for those that are extremely sick and need assistance. There are several payer sources including Medicare, VA and private insurance.

When choosing between home health and outpatient services, Sullivan says it can be a tough decision. There are endless reasons to consider the former option; often, patients coming out of the hospital can opt for it to make the transition smoother.

April is Occupational Therapy Month. Beck says it’s aimed at helping patients get back to daily living activities and conducting safety assessments. This can include treatments to ensure patients can take care of themselves properly.