[Audio] Puppies Sound Good: Meet George and Norma

Nov 11, 2016

George and Norma visit the studio with the Humane Society of Calloway County’s Kathy Hodge for “Puppies Sound Good” with Tracy Ross.


The two pups are from a black and white litter of nine. The seven-week-old litter is a mix of Great Pyrenees and possibly Border Collie. Hodge expects them to grow to be 60 or 70 pounds if they take after their mother. She says the puppies are energetic and fun but not needy. They will be up for adoption starting next week.


Saturday, November 19, is the last Doggie Day Spa of the semester. MSU Animal Health Technology and Pr-Veterinary students provide baths, nail trimmings, and ear cleanings for $15. The Humane Society of Calloway will also be there to microchip animals for $10.