[Audio] Solid Rock'it Boosters Talk Paducah Music Scene on Sounds Good

Jul 23, 2016

Credit Solid Rock'it Boosters

Todd Anderson and Nathan Brown of the Paducah band Solid Rock’it Boosters speak with Austin Carter on Sounds Good about the growth of Paducah's music scene, Solid Rock’it Boosters history, and the band’s performance Saturday night at the recently renovated Twinkling Star.


Anderson and Brown say they started playing at The Twinkling Star over 20 years ago when it was Paducah’s main music venue. Now there are several music venues around Paducah that offer live music during the week. Anderson says one reason for the increase in venues is the city’s emphasis on supporting local artists, musicians, and restaurants. Brown adds that city’s population of young people has also increased.


“It seems like the kind of cultural revolution we’ve all been seeing in Paducah has centered around the 18 to 30-year-old age group, and they’re just sticking around. People aren’t just going away to college and never coming back to Paducah anymore… Paducah’s cool because a lot of young entrepreneurs are coming and starting business but they’re doing that because Paducah’s cool. And I’m not sure which comes first but it all seems to be working,” Brown said.


The Solid Rock’it Boosters perform Saturday night at 9:00 p.m. at The Twinkling Star, located at 3100 Broadway across from Dry Ground Brewing Company. Local musicians Josh Coffey, Nathan Blake Lynn, and Shannon Vetter and Nashville’s Logan Oakley and Cody Campbell join the band. Brown and Anderson say their band is structured to celebrate Paducah's community of musicians.