Boston Architect Designs Soaring Center Building for Discovery Park of America in Union City

May 22, 2013

Credit Chad Lampe

Obion County, Tennessee, looks to a fantastic new attraction near Union City to bring many thousands of visitors annually. The Robert E. and Jenny D. Kirkland Foundation is Discovery Park’s principal benefactor. Mr. Kirkland ultimately chose Louis Siriani to be the architect for the 100,000 square foot center of the new 50-acre Discovery Park of America. Since 1984, Siriani's been a principal of the Boston architectural firm Verner Johnson, Inc, which specializes in planning and designing museums which in this country alone draw millions of visitors a year. Mr. Siriani has planned and designed science and technology, history, and multi-disciplinary museums all over the country and the world. He spoke with Kate Lochte about working with Mr. Kirkland and the Union City community for this ambitious project.

Mr. Louis Siriani of the Boston firm Verner Johnson is the architect for the center building of the new 50-acre Discovery Park of America near Union City, Tennessee.  See all about the project, including the gardens and attractions on the grounds outside the Discovery Center at