‘Bridging Kentucky’ Aims To Repair At Least 45 Rural Bridges In West Ky.

Jun 14, 2018

Map of bridge projects for 'Bridging Kentucky'
Credit https://bridgingkentucky.com/bridges/

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet wants to repair at least 45 bridges across west Kentucky over the next six years.

The effort is part of a statewide program that aims to reconstruct or replace 1,000 bridges at an estimated cost of $700 million.

Transportation Cabinet Spokesperson Keith Todd said the program is focusing on small bridges located on rural roads.

He said the program gives KYTC the chance to better maintain bridges in the region.

“Our regular maintenance activities will then focus on the next tier of bridges that might be developing problems in the future," Todd said. "If we can get on those and do a maintenance project earlier, then that might prevent that bridge from having a major problem later on.”

Todd said west Kentucky’s many waterways is why the region has a significant number of bridges in the state. 

He said the program might also save school districts money by allowing buses to use old bridges that they were once required to avoid. 

See a list of projects to be completed for Bridging Kentucky here.