Calloway County Public Library Buys Back Higgins House

Mar 16, 2017

Credit Taylor Inman, WKMS

  The Higgins House is officially back in the possession of the Calloway County Public Library after pressure from the fiscal court. The library board bought back the dilapidated property for $1 in a meeting Wednesday night. A tabled ordinance would have forced the library to buy the house.

The library sold the adjacent property to Murray Main Street in 2012 for one-dollar. The court argued in a resolution that the transaction remained a void for “lack of a public purpose.” Board member Catherine Lanier said a cost assessment for structural repairs should take priority over a complete renovation.


“To make it not a liability... that includes not only work on the foundation, but how someone could walk into the building and it not be hazardous. Because that’s the point that it’s at right now- no one can walk into that building right now.”  Lanier said.


A 2012 estimate on the cost of the repair of the foundation alone ranged between $100,000 to $150,000. The board discussed getting an updated estimate. Elkins and the board have been at odds over several issues including a proposed renovation and expansion and other budget matters.