Calloway Judge Executive Imes Announces Library Working Group Members

Jan 16, 2019

Calloway County Judge/Executive Kenny Imes has named members of a group to give recommendations to the county public library board on plans to renovate and expand.

A release from Imes’ office said the members of the ‘Library Working Group’ are Hazel Mayor John ‘Scooter’ Paschall, Murray city councilman Wesley Bolin, Magistrate Don Cherry, Calloway County farmer Sharon Furches, certified public accountant Bobby Martin, retired teacher Larry England and Murray attorney Gerald Bell.

Imes said he chose people who are recognizable to the community. “They are open minded people. They listen to other people’s opinions. They’re free to ask questions- also the other members, that’s the reasons why we have different backgrounds and expertises in there- hopefully we can cover the whole gamut,” Imes said.

Imes said in a release that since he was appointed Judge/Executive, he has “spent most of his time being confronted by the citizens of Calloway County,” asking him to get involved with the Calloway County Library Board of Trustees.  He said he does not believe the role of Judge/Executive includes intervening in working boards of the county. He added the library has an “appointed board with duly authorized trustees.”  He said the taxpayers as a whole would be better served if he focused on the “big picture and day-to-day operations of the county.”

Imes said he was careful not to pick community members involved in construction or banking as to avoid a future conflict of interest with the library renovation and expansion.

The release from his office said the working group is chaired by Bobby Martin and will meet periodically over the next few months to develop plans for the future of the library. The release said Imes consulted with Murray Mayor Bob Rogers to create the working group whose members “represent the city’s and county’s interests as well as various perspectives on building expansion and budget.”

The release said community members are encouraged to share their comments by emailing