Candidates for MSU Vice President of Marketing and Outreach to Visit Campus

Jul 14, 2015

Three candidates for Vice President of Marketing and Outreach at Murray State University will be visiting campus this week and later this month for discussion with the University community.

Candidates include Texas Wesleyan’s John Veilleux, Murray State’s Brian Van Horn, and Idaho State’s Adrienne King.

According to Veilleux’s Linkedin profile, he and current Murray State President Bob Davies worked together between 2008 and 2009 at Indiana University of Pennsylvania as Associate Vice President for Communications and Community Relations. Davies served as Vice President of University Relations.

Van Horn is currently the Dean of Continuing Education at Murray State. He’s held the position since 2008. Van Horn also served as the President of the Association for Continuing Higher Education in 2014.

King has served as Director of Marketing and Communications at Idaho State University since February of 2014.

The receptions will each be held at 1:30 in the Curris Center. Mr. Veilleux visits July 16, Dr. Van Horn’s reception will by July 17, and Dr. King will visit July 23.