Finding Ways to Move Forward After a Tragedy

Feb 14, 2018

On January 23rd, a shooting at Marshall County HS in Benton, KY took the lives of 2 students and injured 18 others.

Tragedy struck close to home when a student opened fire in the commons area of Marshall County High School on January 23rd, eleven minutes before the first bell rang. 20 students were injured, 16 of which were gunshot wounds. Dr. Michael Bordieri visits Sounds Good to discuss how the community might take steps to move forward after that horrific morning. 

Although Marshall County High School students returned to class just three days after the attack, the tight-knit community is still reeling from the shock of such an event happening in a town like Benton -- compared by some to the fictional town of Mayberry. Vigils and prayer circles have been held, storefronts have been painted with 'Marshall Strong,' but now that the tragedy has passed, how can the community as a whole begin to recover? 
        Dr. Michael Bordieri, MSU professor of psychology, visited Sounds Good to discuss how to personally cope or help those still in recovery. This includes striving for a balance between the tragedy and everyday life, contributing time, money, or resources to the community, and acknowledging that everyone is at a different stage in the grieving process. The journey to recovery is not linear, and it may require some doubling back before it feels like a healed state has been reached. As this event has shown, however, the close-knit community has risen to face this tragedy as a single unit, Marshall Strong.