Fire in Marshall Co. Maintenance Facility Destroys Road Equipment, Voting Machines

Jan 19, 2018

Credit Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

A fire at a Marshall County road department facility Friday morning has damaged millions of dollars of equipment.

Marshall County Road Superintendent Wendy Greer said the building was a total loss. The building housed six dump trucks with snow plowing equipment and salt spreader boxes.

"I know that our dump trucks alone are over a million dollars in damage. I'm not sure what the building is valued at. I'm sure it's probably another million at least," said Greer.

She said they will have to make do with what resources they have left if another snow hits.

“We’ll just run them with our pickup trucks if we have another snow. We’ll have to just pull together and use our other trucks and have priority routes. And we’ll try to get those roads clean first and then we’ll have to go back to secondary roads,” said Greer.

Greer said the fire also destroyed voting machines that had been stored in the building. She said Marshall County is working to replace the lost equipment and the cause of the fire has not yet been determined.