Friends Of LBL Clean Park During Government Shutdown

Jan 8, 2019

Most of Land Between the Lakes remains open during the partial government shutdown and nonprofit group Friends of LBL wants those who visit to be mindful about their waste. LBL is operated by the U.S. Forest Service which is closed during the shutdown.

Friends of LBL Director Aviva Yasgur said the group has been mobilizing volunteers to clean up garbage around the park.

She said there are several recreational activities available to visitors but they should be conscious that normal custodial activities aren’t running during the shutdown. “We really appreciate everyone’s help being responsible users and cleaning up after themselves and keeping Land Between the Lakes beautiful and clean for everybody as best as we can,” she said.

Yasgur said backcountry camping, hiking and biking are some activities still available to visitors. But, she said most facilities are closed during this time- including the Golden Pond Visitor Center and staffed campgrounds like Wrangler’s.

Yasgur said the upcoming bald eagle boat tours are still scheduled during the shutdown. She said people can contact Friends of LBL to sign up or get information about these tours at: 270-293-7040.

She said Friend’s of LBL is accepting volunteers to help keep the park clean during the shutdown. Those interested can send an email to