"Ghost Out" Program to Teach Graves Co. High School Students About Drunk Driving

Mar 29, 2017

Credit Screenshot via KY Office of Highway Safety

The Grim Reaper is visiting Graves County High School on Friday to remove students from class and lay them to rest.

The county sheriff’s department and youth services center are coordinating an anti-alcohol program where a ‘reaper’ removes students from class to represent victims of drunk driving.

The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety developed the program called ‘Ghost Out’ to inform teens about tragedies that can occur while driving impaired.

Graves County Youth Service Center Coordinator Kaye Horn said the program can be emotional but students need to hear the message.

“We hope to reach everyone. We hope not to hurt anyone or disturb anyone. But it’s a message that they need to hear,” said Horn.

Mock victims will write an obituary to be read as they are laid to rest at a memorial service. Graves County High School holds the program every four years. Local police will also set up mock collision. The ‘Ghost Out’ is on March 31st.

For more information, visit KYTC's website or their video here.