Gov. Bevin Reacts to Kentucky Supreme Court Hearing

Sep 21, 2018

Governor Bevin Friday Participating in UK Opening of Multidisciplinary Research Building.
Credit Stu Johnson / WEKU

Governor Matt Bevin believes portions of Thursday’s Kentucky Supreme Court hearing on the new pension reform law were, “not on the matters that really are of importance.”

The governor offered his thoughts after a Lexington event on Friday. “The desire to focus on technicalities and not on the merits of the suit and of what is and what is not inviolable was I think wasted opportunity,” said Bevin.

The hearing before the highest court in the Commonwealth included questions about the quick pace of legislative passage of reforms.  When asked if he had a prediction about when the court might rule on the case, Bevin responded he had no idea.

Lexington Representative Kelly Flood, who says she didn’t see the hearing, said, “It took getting to the Supreme Court of Kentucky to assure Republican leaders hear from Kentucky citizens that how we make law matters as much as the law itself.”​