Graves Co. Fiscal Court Passes First Reading of Revised Hog Farm Ordinance

Dec 15, 2015

Credit Flickr Creative Commons-United Soybean Board

UPDATE: The ordinance passed the second reading and took effect on December 21.  


The Graves County Fiscal Court passed the first reading of its hog farm ordinance yesterday after tabling it last month for revisions.

Judge/Executive Jesse Perry says he wanted to make sure the county wouldn’t have to foot the bill if there were some environmental contamination from one of the farms. He says the ordinance’s language was changed to indicate the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection would be responsible for cleaning up any environmental contamination. Perry says the DEP would pursue the hog farm that caused the contamination to pay the cleanup cost. Hog farmers must have a $1 million liability insurance policy.

The fiscal court also changed the ordinance to decrease the distance required to separate a hog barn from a residence from 2,500 feet to 2,000 feet.

The ordinance will take effect immediately if it passes a second reading next Monday.