Graves Co. Sheriff Employees Sign “True And Complete” Account Of Sheriff’s Alleged Crimes

Oct 9, 2018

Graves County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon
Credit Graves Co. Sheriff's Office

Members of the Graves County Sheriff’s office released on Tuesday a signed letter describing their sheriff’s alleged criminal actions over the summer. Sheriff Dewayne Redmon is charged with possession of a controlled substance (felony) and official misconduct (misdemeanor). He appeared in court in early September.

Sheriff Redmon’s criminal charges stem from him taking and using prescription pain medication from a police drug drop box.

The letter says Redmon not only stole the pills, but also lied about how he obtained them. Redmon told officers a woman approached him outside of the court house and gave him the pills to destroy. This woman was questioned and said she did not give him the pills, but rather put them in the drop box.

Redmon later told Kentucky State Police he stole pain medication from the drop box numerous times. He also said he did not need treatment for his drug addiction because he did not have a problem.

The employees in the letter say Redmon has an addiction and they stand ready to help him.

The letter says once a person commits crimes they can no longer be respected and trusted in a law enforcement role.

Redmon is restricted by court order from law enforcement duties. He is the only candidate for Graves County Sheriff on the ballot in November. If re-elected, he would continue to be limited.

If Redmon is convicted or pleads guilty, he’d have to retire, resign or be removed from office. There would then be a special election.