HCC President Selbe Asking For New Assignment

Feb 28, 2013

Credit KCTCS

One week ago Hopkinsville Community College President Jim Selbe was reinstated after being placed on un-paid administrative leave for employee misconduct. Now Selbe is requesting to be reassigned to a new position within Kentucky Community and Technical College System.

KCTCS President Michael McCall says he will grant Selbe’s request and appoint an interim president early next week to manage the college. KCTCS conducted an investigation into Selbe’s misconduct and have since allowed him to return to work. Selbe didn’t mention details of his misconduct but did apologize to those involved and his family. Selbe's request letter is below.

Dear Dr. McCall:

I want to thank you for the confidence you have shown me recently by re-instating me as the President of Hopkinsville Community College.  Over the past seven plus years, we have made great gains both at the college and in our community.  The college was really struggling seven years ago, and until the past few weeks, we were making excellent progress.  Unfortunately, following my return it has become apparent that those I offended cannot find forgiveness or the ability to move forward.  I believe that under the growing toxic situation the likelihood of greater damage to the college increases.  We have worked too hard and come too far for me to allow this to happen. 

Therefore, I respectfully request to step aside from the presidency at Hopkinsville Community College and be re-assigned within KCTCS.  I still have a great deal to offer KCTCS and would like to have an opportunity to continue to demonstrate such.  If you are agreeable to this request I would love to discuss it with you at your earliest convenience. 


Jim Selbe

Dr. James E. Selbe, President/CEO

Hopkinsville Community College