Health Officials Launch First 72 Hour Campaign

Sep 5, 2018

Lexington Emergency Management PIO John Bobel-File Photo

State public health officials are using September, designated as National Preparedness Month, to launch the ‘First 72 is On You’ information campaign.

The goal is to increase emergency preparedness for Kentuckians and their families.  Lexington Emergency Management Public Information Officer John Bobel says the ‘First 72’ initiative is rooted in stressing self-sufficiency.

“The first 72 on you really means that people need to stop and take careful consideration of what would they need if they couldn’t leave their home for 72 hours,” said Bobel.

Bobel says this summer’s severe wind storm event carried a significant impact for residents in Versailles.  “We saw the straight line winds take down larger supply power poles.  Those don’t get restored in a matter of hours,” noted Bobel.

John Bobel says self-sufficiency is key when electricity, gas, water, and telephones may not be working and public safety services may not be able to reach those with non-emergency needs immediately.