Hopkins County Pride Alliance Holds First Meeting for Fairness Ordinance

Apr 25, 2017

Credit Hopkins County Pride Alliance, Facebook

The Hopkins County Pride Alliance is holding its first meeting Tuesday at 6 p.m. to plan an effort to pass a fairness ordinance in Madisonville.

The group will hear from a member of the Louisville-based Fairness Campaign - a nonprofit that promotes the inclusion of  LGBTQ in civil rights ordinances. Such ordinances extend discrimination protections in housing, employment and public accommodations to LGBTQ people. Cody Lander is founder and president of the Hopkins County Pride Alliance. He said the local alliance will function as a grassroots organization.

“They’re not going to be coming down here and saying this is how you need to do it. It’s going to be: this is how it worked for us, now how can we help you all in Madisonville?” Lander said.

Eight cities in Kentucky have LGBTQ ordinances and none of those are in western Kentucky, despite recent attempts made in Bowling Green. Lander said he is hopeful Madisonville will be the first. Lander said the alliance will push for an ordinance by being present in the community.

“We’re looking into trying to have educational days where we can pick a certain topic within the LGBT community so people can come and learn,” Lander said. “It’s just those personal connections- just trying to get the word out to the community that our presence is here.”

Lander said the Hopkins County Pride Alliance is focusing efforts on Madisonville, but ultimately wants fairness ordinances across the county.