Hopkinsville Truck Driver Injured After Object Flew Through Window Causing Tip-Over

Sep 6, 2016

Graves County Sheriff's Office says a Hopkinsville truck driver is injured after being struck by a flying object, causing him to overturn his semi. 

According to a news release, John Elliott was driving north on KY 121 at 11:30 Tuesday morning when an object flew in the driver's side window and struck him. He then lost control of the truck, which rolled over.

Elliot was operating a 2008 Peterbilt refrigerated cargo truck owned by Hampton Meats of Hopkinsville.

He was taken to Jackson Purchase Medical Center by local EMS for shoulder and leg injuries. Traffic was reduced to one lane until 2 p.m.

The sheriff's office said there is no further information about what the object was or how it flew into his window.