House Committee Greenlights Cannabis Oil Bill

Mar 20, 2014

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A House committee has advanced a bill that would permit state university hospitals to research and utilize medicinal cannabis oil to treat certain neurological disorders.

Judging by the reception that Senate Bill 124 has received in its short lifespan in Frankfort, Rita Wooton likely won’t have to risk jail time in order to alleviate her son’s pain.

That’s because the bill would permit doctors to prescribe oils containing cannabidiol, a currently illegal chemical that’s only available in some states, like Oregon and Colorado.

A growing body of research demonstrates that it can treat the chronic seizures that her son, Eli, suffers on an almost daily basis.

“My little boy is four years old and he’s non-verbal," Wooten said. "I hope we get speech. I hope we get rest. You know: Health, happiness. I just want a normal four year old at home. We shouldn’t have to travel and run and do the things we do because of this debilitating illness.”

The last hurdle faced by the bill is a floor vote in the House, where it is expected to pass.