How Police Investigate Rumored School Threats and What Parents Can Do to Help

Jan 25, 2018

Credit Calloway County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page

Law enforcement in west Kentucky have been investigating a series of rumored threats against their respective school districts following the shooting at Marshall County High School on Tuesday.

Police in Christian, Livingston, Hopkins, McCracken and Calloway counties have conducted investigations and made arrests from threats that were deemed to be ‘not credible.’

Calloway County Sheriff Department Public Information Officer Richard Palmer said when police receive a possible threat, they investigate in collaboration with the local school district and trace the threat back to its source.

From there, they investigate the person who made it- what their home life is like or if they were in trouble at school.

“You look at all those things to make a determination whether that person made a bad joke, a bad gesture, or they’ve had issues in the past, or in some kind of indicator that they would be some sort of threat to the school or students.” Palmer said.

Palmer said parents should talk to their children about what they seeing from classmates on social media regarding possible threats.

He said it’s important for parents and guardians to talk with kids to see how they are coping after the Marshall County shooting and to identify if they are having personal issues that might lead to a similar incident.