Jamie Jameson Will Succeed Dennis Foust as 42nd Circuit Judge

Nov 3, 2015

Jamie Jameson
Credit Jamie Jameson for Circuit Court Judge, via Facebook

Voters in Calloway and Marshall counties have elected Jamie Jameson as the new 42nd Circuit Judge.

Jameson received nearly 8,000 votes out of 18,545 votes cast in both counties.

Marshall County Attorney Jeff Edwards received 5,614 votes, while 42nd District Court Judge Randy Hutchens came in third with 4,947 votes. Hutchens won Calloway County, but lagged badly in Marshall County. Jameson won Marshall County narrowly over Edwards and came in a close second in Calloway.

Jameson succeeds Dennis Foust, who announced his retirement earlier this year. He'll be sworn in as soon as the election results are certified.

Jameson served as an attorney for seven years with the Kentucky  Department of Public Advocacy. Before that, Gov. Steve Beshear appointed him to the state Department of Insurance’s consumer protection team.