KAPB Breaking News Award Entry-WKMS

Jan 25, 2018

WKMS, which is licensed to Murray State University, was alerted of a dormitory explosion on Wednesday, June 28 when the on-campus building in which the station is housed shook from the blast. 

Reporter Nicole Erwin phoned Station Manager Chad Lampe who was offsite at the time of the explosion to come in for coverage get on the air of the radio station. It happened that many other staff members were on vacation at the time.  Erwin began collecting information for this web post which was updated continually along with social media posts: 


Lampe took to the air approximately 30 minutes after the initial explosion to provide what information could be gleaned from multiple sources. Below is the audio:

Erwin then drove to the scene to find the media staging area and began conducting interviews and feeding audio back to the station to be used during live cut-ins. Here is audio of one of those updates:

WKMS provided live updates four two hours  until the scene was secure. WKMS then continued to report on this explosion for months, and continues to as new information becomes available.