Kentucky Congressional Delegation Prepares to Vote on GOP Health Plan

Mar 22, 2017

Credit Natalia Merzlyakova, 123rf Stock Photo

Kentucky’s congressional members are tipping their hand as to how they will vote Thursday on the Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. 

GOP Representative Thomas Massie calls the plan "horrible,” and will cast a ‘no’ vote. "The Republicans here are proposing to replace subsidies, penalties, and mandates with subsidies, penalties, and mandates, and frankly, we shouldn't be dabbling in socialism," he said. 

"This is, at my estimation, is going to cause a worsening of the health insurance market for consumers. Prices will keep going up," Massie said.

Republican Andy Barr says he's a "firm and enthusiastic yes." GOP Congressmen James Comer and Brett Guthrie also plan to support the party’s alternative health care plan.

Kentucky Public Radio didn’t get a response from Congressman Hal Rogers’ office.

Democrat John Yarmuth is a vocal opponent of the GOP plan.

A senior Trump administration official says the White House remains cautiously optimistic that the bill will pass, although advisers are still trying to persuade at least 20 House Republicans who are either opposed to the plan or remain undecided.

Even if the measure passes the House, it faces an uncertain fate in the Senate.

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has said the GOP plan would result in 24 million Americans losing coverage over the next ten years. Supporters claim the measure will lower insurance premiums and the federal deficit.