Kentucky Corn Farmers Can't Make Up Production Losses In Other States

Jun 17, 2019

Credit Chantel Schmitt, 123rf stock photo

Wet weather has caused major problems for many farmers in the Midwestern portion of the country. Kentucky’s neighboring states like Indiana, Missouri, and Ohio have seen major delays in plantings. 

University of Kentucky Agriculture Meteorologist Matt Dixon says reports show in some of these areas 30% of corn is in the ground, when typically it should be about 90%. 

UK Grain and Forage Center of Excellence Director Chad Lee said Kentucky growers can’t pick up the slack. “Even though the production numbers appear to be off in the upper Midwest states, yet our farmers here cannot just go out and plant more corn to make up that difference. At the time we’re talking, it’s really too late to go plant corn for grain in Kentucky,” said Lee.

Lee added corn planted in western Kentucky is coming along well.  He said planting activity in the Bluegrass Region was slowed by rainy conditions.

Lee noted an overarching concern is low commodity prices over the last few years.

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