Knight Branch Farm Presents Western KY Music Festival, Howl at the Moon

May 2, 2019

Knight Branch Farms in New Concord, Kentucky is preparing to host a multi-genre music festival this May. Festival organizer, David Wilson, visits Sounds Good to discuss the upcoming event. 

From the Knight Branch Farms website:

"Nestled in southwestern Kentucky, Knight Branch Farms sits on over 600 acres of land that has been family-owned since the late 1800s. Knight Branch Farms is pleased to offer primitive camping and outdoor event hosting. Ideal for outdoor music festivals, reenactment events, and other outdoor activities, the farm has plenty of space available to meet visitors' needs."

Knight Branch Farms will host the 2019 Howl at the Moon festival on Saturday, May 18th in New Concord, KY. Set up begins around noon, with live music beginning around 5 p.m. Camping is welcome and included with a ticket, which can be purchased here. Along with live music from bands like Barely Blue (featured on Live Lunch this past September), Folk Force Three, and Tuft, there will be special appearances by Jordan Allen, illusionist, and Schwooping, flow artist. 

Wilson explains that Knight Branch Farms is looking to expand their yearly festival schedule. "The goal is we'd like to do two festivals a year out there," says Wilson. "Every year, add a little more infrastructure, permanent stage - right now, we're just partying in a field. But this is Kentucky. We know how to party in a field."

Howl at the Moon 2019 is made possible by Knight Branch Farms' sponsors, the Big Apple Cafe, Murray Bank, Purchase Ford, Terrapin Station, and Music One. 

For more information on the festival, visit their website or Facebook page.