Latest Scam Targets Aspiring Small Business Owners in Kentucky

Aug 17, 2018

Credit Timur Arbaev, 123rf Stock Photo

The Office of the Kentucky Attorney General says a scam making the rounds is trying to get business owners to pay for services that are provided for free by the federal government.

Attorney General Andy Beshear says his office has received reports from aspiring small business owners who are receiving messages from a website mimicking the Internal Revenue Service. The scammers offer to help obtain an Employer Identification Number for a fee of $250 to $300.

Business owners can get that number—which is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number-- for free through

Beshear says this type of scam is often a way for criminals to steal money and personal information from individuals looking to start a business. The scammers can also use an Employer Identification Number to fraudulently open bank accounts, and acquire business loans and credit accounts.

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