Lexington Area Public School Students Won't Be In Class Until At Least January

Oct 23, 2020

Credit kentucky.com

Most public school students in Fayette County won’t be back in the traditional classroom until January, at the earliest.  The school board had considered ramping up in-class instruction this fall, but has opted to wait until 2021.

Fayette Schools Superintendent Manny Caulk said the number of students in a building could vary from school to school.

“At Tates Creek campus for example, it looks like we’ll be 70-30.  70% of the families want in-person learning, 30% want to learn remotely.  But, if you take that to another campus or another school in our district, the numbers could look different,” said Caulk.

Caulk said five day a week in-class instruction come January is dependent on coronavirus activity.  As he’s said before, Caulk noted the virus determines the timeline.    And some families may still opt for distance learning.  “Some parents may not want their children in a classroom setting where you’re not able to social distance because of underlying conditions that their child may have or in the child’s home may have.  That’s how we have to give that option.  You can learn in person or you can learn remotely,” explained Caulk.

Meanwhile, targeted services for small groups of students in schools are expected to grow next week when secondary level students are added.