Liquor Sales Could Come to Kentucky Dam Village if Annexed

Feb 26, 2014


Calvert City officials say this may be the year to annex Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park, which means the state park could be eligible for liquor sales.

Calvert City Mayor Lynn Jones said there have been years of dialogue with the state but he believes the logistical timing is right to introduce an ordinance of annexation this year. Jones said the move would be a huge economic win-win for the town and the state park.

“A town of 3,000 that will all of sudden have two excellent golf courses, about seven tennis court, a beach with sand and water, an airport, a campground, I-66 and I-69 and 24 all converging together," Jones said. "We think those things are going to be far to our advantage and we think the amenities we can provide to the state park will also be to their advantage to find opportunities to enhance the park.”

In exchange for the tourism boost, the merger would allow KDV to apply for a by-the-drink liquor license for the lodge’s restaurant.

In 2011, a new law allowed state parks to sell alcohol by-the-drink in communities that were already wet or moist.

Kentucky Parks Department Spokesman Gil Lawson said the state has been supportive of Calvert City’s venture and would help the town seek a liquor license for the park if that were to happen.

Mayor Jones said an annexation ordinance could be introduced by April followed by sixty days of public comment before the city council approves the move in July.