Man Arrested for Five Arson Fires Over Less Than 24 Hours

Jul 30, 2018

A man has been arrested in connection with five arson fires over less than 24 hours this weekend in downtown Lexington.

Three vehicles in three different parking structures were destroyed while two other fires were set inside the Hyatt Hotel. 

Lexington Arson Investigation Bureau Commander Rob King said 23 -year -old Andy Wayne Hall faces two counts of first-degree arson and three counts of arson, in the second degree.“

I would have to say it’s very unusual.  I cannot remember in my 19 years of service of having something like this,” King said.

Investigators believe Hall is responsible for all the intentionally set fires. King said video recordings, some on cell phones, played a role in authorities tracking down Hall so quickly.    

“Even if they don’t think it’s important, it could be pertinent to the case.  Every tiny little thing.  A picture taken of the car on fire may have the suspect in the background- right...we zoom on that.  We’re not looking at the car on fire.  We’re looking at who’s around there, things like that,” King said.

The fire investigator says, typically, arson is one of the hardest crimes to prove.