Market House Exec. Director’s Award-Winning Play To Take Stage In Paducah

Nov 2, 2018

An award-winning play written by the Executive Director of the Market House Theater is making its Paducah debut. 

Michael Cochran’s ‘Eternity’ was one of the winning plays in the American Association of Community Theater’s 2018 NewPlayFest.

The play first debuted earlier this year in Wyoming. The comedy circles around themes about love and how the smallest action can change someone’s life.

Cochran said he pulls from his own experiences. "And along the way I guess I have a sense of humor about life and death and relationships, that I always try to find the kind of funny things about that- so that’s what I wrote about.”

Cochran said ‘Eternity’ follows events that ensue after the character Abe puts off his duties as an angel of death to get ice cream instead of meeting his next ‘client.’

Eternity opens November 8 and runs through November 18 at Market House Theater in Paducah.