Marshall County Asks Utility Ordinance Lawsuit To Be Dismissed

Jan 20, 2020

Credit Marshall County Fiscal Court

Marshall County Fiscal Court is asking a lawsuit against them be dismissed over a county ordinance that requires utility companies charge a fee to utility members.

The ordinance, 2019-09, approved last year would put a $7 monthly fee on all active electrical meters to pay for county 911 services. 

Jackson Purchase Energy Corporation and West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative sued the fiscal court, alleging the ordinance was unconstitutional and that it was “wrong” for the county to expect the companies to collect fees instead of the county government. 


The fiscal court asked the lawsuit to be dismissed in a federal court filing Thursday. The parties in the lawsuit ordinance will not go into effect until after the lawsuit has been resolved. 

Find the court filing below:


1-20 Marshall County Jackson Purchase Lawsuit (PDF)
1-20 Marshall County Jackson Purchase Lawsuit (Text)