Marshall County High School Mourns Classmates During Statewide Moment of Silence

Apr 20, 2018

Credit Keaton Conner

Students at Marshall County High School participated in a statewide moment of silence this morning, to remember the lives of Bailey Holt and Preston Cope--two 15-year-old students who lost their lives to a shooter at the school January 23rd.

Marshall County High School junior Keaton Conner stood silently alongside other students and teachers as they circled the school to honor classmates who lost their lives only three months ago.

“It's a great way for us all to be together and to remember them and to remember what happened that day in a peaceful and respectful manner," Conner said.

Conner was among at least 200 students who attended a March for Our Lives protest in Kentucky’s state capital last month.

Several gun control bills were filed but failed to pass during the general assembly. Among the failed bills were a proposed requirement for school districts to employ at least one mental health professional for every 1,500 students, penalties for not locking up guns if children are around, arming teachers with guns and allowing local governments to pass their own gun restrictions.

Students from Marshall County High School are organizing Friday afternoon at the Marshall County Public Library in Benton to write letters and call legislators to demand they take action.