Marshall County High School Prepares For School Walk Out

Mar 13, 2018

Credit Nicole Erwin, WKMS

Marshall County High School is preparing for students to walk out of class on Wednesday.

The demonstration is in solidarity with thousands of students doing the same across the country to honor the victims of the school shooting in Florida.

A shooting in Marshall County High School in January killed two students and injured several others.

Principal Patricia Greer said the school is providing a designated area for students if they plan to walk out.  

“It’s something if our kids think that’s good for them and they want to show their support in that way, we have a plan so we can support them,” Greer said.

Greer said there isn’t an organized group of students planning to walk out of class, but if any do, they won't be reprimanded.

A group of about 40 students is heading to Frankfort to participate in a school safety rally. Greer said those students will be excused from school with a signed Educational Enhancement Opportunity form.