McCracken Co. Public Library Celebrates 25 Years of the Evenings Upstairs Program

Jan 17, 2019

Since 1994, the flagship Adult Services program series at the McCracken County Public Library has entertained and educated the public with performances and lectures each month. The Evenings Upstairs program is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month, and Bobbie Wrinkle, the Adult Services librarian at McLib, visits Sounds Good to discuss the program and the upcoming celebration.

The Evenings Upstairs program has hosted a diverse range of performers and lecturers over the past 25 years, including historians, poets, musicians, authors, master distillers, sports figures, ghost hunters, vampire experts, and master story-tellers. Bobbie Wrinkle first created the program to match the already-thriving youth programs at McCracken Co. Public Library. The program not only provides an opportunity to bring new and unique perspectives and ideas to the area; it also allows the region to celebrate its local history. "A lot of people come to the programs, they enjoy the diverse programs," Wrinkle says, "but a crowd favorite is always a topic that gears towards Kentucky history, local history, that sort of thing." 

To honor both the region and the series, Paducah's Solid Rock'it Boosters will be performing at the 25th anniversary celebration. The Solid Rock'it Boosters began their musical journey in western Kentucky over 20 years ago, and are fiercely proud of their homeland of Paducah, Kentucky. Life-long friends, Nathan Brown and Todd Anderson, have woven this hometown pride into everything they do. Partnering with the area's most talented musicians, the Solid Rock'it Boosters bring their unique blend of rockabilly, honky tonk, bluegrass, and Western swing music to fans across the country. Known for their wild hootenanny-style stage show, the Boosters have a reputation for bringing high energy and an undeniable rocking style to traditional American music. The Boosters are seasoned veterans of roots music, entertaining audiences with solid rhythms, infectious hooks, and and masterful musicianship. 

The 25th anniversary celebration will take place in the 2nd floor meeting room of the McCracken County Public Library this Thursday, January 17th, from 7 to 8 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. 

"It's really important to do programs that connect people, share ideas, and expose your community to all kinds of different topics and different thoughts," Wrinkle explains. "I think it's a great library resource and it reminds people that there are so many things that the library has to offer, and this is just one of them."

For more information on the McCracken County Public Library or the Evenings Upstairs program, visit the McLib website.