McCracken County Fiscal Court Votes to Lay-Off Animal Shelter Employees

Nov 10, 2015

Credit Jozef Polc, 123rf Stock Photo

The McCracken County fiscal court voted to lay-off the McCracken County Animal Shelter workers Monday night in Paducah. Judge executive Bob Leeper says the staff performed their work admirably as they closed down the county’s animal shelter. 

“They’ve done a very nice job considering they were working to put themselves out of a job,” Leeper said. “And, I’m very appreciative the way they handled themselves and the way they handled their job and the way they performed it for the county.”

The Paducah-McCracken County Humane Society takes back the duty of caring for animals for the city and county since controversial euthanasia practices arose four years ago. The city and county pulled out of that agreement, deciding to run their own shelter.

Negotiations lasting over a year led to an agreement in July with the Humane Society.  They approved expansion of the facility, a tougher policy on euthanasia and more oversight with a fiscal court member on the society’s board.