McLib to Host Discussion of Mary Shelley's Classic Horror Novel, "Frankenstein"

18 hours ago

Mary Shelley's classic horror novel, Frankenstein, will be celebrating its two hundred year anniversary this year. In honor of the occasion, the McCracken County Public Library will be hosting a discussion of the novel next week. Youth Services Assistant, Matt Jaeger, visited Sounds Good to discuss the event. 

Mary Shelley published Frankenstein in 1818 when she was only twenty years old. Originally published anonymously, the novel was created out of a contest between companions and fellow writers to write the best horror story. Many people thought the anonymous book was written by Shelley's husband, Percy Shelley. It wasn't until the mid-1850s that Mary's name was attached to the instant bestseller. 

The Modern Prometheus touches on themes that resonate still today, such as alienation, prejudice, the confluence of science and religion, and the responsibility of science to society. "The monster in Frankenstein can represent so many facets of our society," Jaeger explains the similarities of common young adult themes and the classic novel, "just hearing the impact of the work on an individual is what I'm hoping to get out of the discussion. 

The McCracken County Public Library will be celebrating Frankenstein's two hundred year anniversary with a discussion of the novel on Monday, October 15th at 7 p.m. in the meeting room. There will also be a performance of Frankenstein at the Carson Center on October 21st as part of the U.S. Bank Family Series in honor of the bicentenntial event.