The Meaning of Happiness Explored on Sounds Good

Sep 20, 2017

Credit Eric E Castro/Flickr

  Tracy Ross and MSU Assistant Professor of Psychology, Dr. Michael Bordieri, continue their biweekly discussions on Sounds Good with an examination of the meaning of happiness. Together, they explore the psychology behind what it means to be happy and how you might improve upon and increase your own happiness. 

    A Happiness Survey conducted by personal finance website, WalletHub, recently ranked Kentucky as the 44th happiest state in the United States. State rankings are based on 28 metrics, including emotional and physical well-being, professional and social communities, and overall environment. 
         Psychology professor, Dr. Michael Bordieri, explores some of the inconsistencies between what we believe makes us the happiest and what actually brings the most fulfillment and satisfaction. As Bordieri explains, only 10% of personal happiness is affected or brought upon by external forces. To find the other 90%, Tracy Ross and Dr. Bordieri consider different ways to intrinsically find contentment.