Media Reports: Gas Regulator Replaced Before Murray State Blast

Aug 17, 2017

Credit Matt Markgraf, WKMS news

  Security camera footage of a June explosion that damaged Murray State’s Richmond Residential College and injured one person reveals a possible connection to a damaged gas regulator replaced just hours before the incident occurred.

The Murray State News and WPSD-TV are reporting through documents and security camera footage obtained through open records requests that a university groundskeeper reported colliding with a gas meter the morning of  the explosion.

The gas was then shut off and a city of Murray employee  replaced the damaged natural gas regulator and tested the service for leaks.

The reports indicate gas service was restored shortly after noon. The explosion occurred just before five o’clock.  

University vice president Adrienne King has said a forensic audit is underway on the building and expects the investigation to be a lengthy process.

Kentucky State Police Spokesman Jody Cash said the explosion was determined non-criminal and natural gas related before it was turned over to the state Fire Marshal’s Office.

WKMS has out-standing requests for comment and information related to the investigation.