Medicaid Expansion Enrollees Can Start Earning Points For Dental, Vision Exams

Jan 29, 2018

Credit Natalia Merzlyakova / 123rf Stock Photo

Changes to the Medicaid program are coming in Kentucky. The Medicaid expansion population will lose access to vision and dental benefits starting July 1, but they will be able to earn points for those services.

Governor Matt Bevin’s changes to the program were approved three weeks ago.

The approved Medicaid waiver, as the changes are called, will make many Medicaid enrollees work, volunteer or do other activities for 80 hours a month to keep health coverage. It also will limit access to dental and vision services for some, make other enrollees pay premiums and install lock-out periods for not making those payments.

The Medicaid expansion population includes people who are enrolled because they make around $12,000 to $16,000 a year for a one-person family. These people will begin to use a so-called ‘MyRewards’ account.

Preventative health care is one way to earn points to add to your account, including dental cleaning, vision check-ups, and an annual health exam.

The state is planning to send out flyers and notices about the changes, but haven’t yet started distributing those. The state will also eventually be able to deduct points from the MyRewards account for missing appointments, among other things.