MSU Greek Life Suspension Still In Effect, Investigation Is Moving Along

Aug 15, 2018

Murray State University’s Greek Life social suspension remains in effect until further notice.

The university suspended Greek life on campus in May following a death of a non-student in an off-campus fraternity house and an alleged sexual assault.

Communications Director Shawn Touney said the MSU Greek Social Policy Review Committee is researching the best practices for Greek life.

“I think we’re close in the process, but at the same time, it’s still a process and again, the committee is taking the lead with this and we’ll be in touch in due time with the Office of Student Affairs,” Touney said.

Touney said the suspension and the committee’s formation are not a result of a singular event.

The committee is examining methods to update the content of the Greek life policy and its enforcement.

Tim Todd, the dean of the College of Business and Kathy Callahan, the Chair of the Department of History are leading the committee and held multiple meetings over the summer.

The committee was formed in May by university leadership including President Bob Davies and Vice President of Student Affairs Don Robertson.