MSU President Donates 117k to University

Oct 9, 2014

Dr. Bob, Katie, and Cindy Davies
Credit Murray State University

Murray State University president Bob Davies’ family has given $117,000 to the university to support scholarships, academic enhancements, and other student needs.

The Davies family made the contribution after learning of the fundraising campaign led by university founder Dr. Rainey T. Wells that raised nearly $117,000 in seed funds for Murray State Normal School. The 1922 campaign committee included Rainey T. Wells, James Glasgow, Robert Broach, O.T. Hale, Nat Ryan, Thomas Stokes, and Ben Grogan. They raised the money from over 1,100 individual donations ranging from $5 to $2,500.

Davies is excited to support students with a gift that has a unique tie to the university's history. He also stresses that the gift comes from his family has a whole. 

"This is a major commitment from Cindy and Katie, too. It is important to note, in large part, we are here due to Katie’s support and commitment, and we are very pleased to be here. This is truly a great university, full of excellent students, faculty and staff, along with alumni and friends who love this institution,” Davies said.

President of the Murray State University Foundation Dr. Bob Jackson said the founders would be very pleased with the gift and what it symbolizes in advancing the university.