Murray Attorney Pens True Tale of Murder and Redemption

Feb 6, 2014

In 1922, the Graves County Sheriff was murdered in the courthouse in front of several witnesses. A few days later, his wife is appointed sheriff and begins her quest for redemption. Murray attorney Sid Easley tells this true tale in his book, A Courthouse Tragedy. Easley joins Kate Lochte in the studio during Sounds Good to describe the fateful events and reads from his book.

"It's sad that you have to find an event like this to find something to write about, but that's what interests people. And the book is not only about the event, but it's about the times; it was the 1920's and that was a very different time in Western Kentucky and all over the south... In a sense, it was the time of innocence, it followed World War I; it was a time of change... It wasn't the Wild West at all, it was a very civilized community."

Author Bobbie Ann Mason said Easley, "not only brings some interesting characters to life, he also interprets convincingly the character of the place, Graves County, as it was in the 1920s." Justice Bill Cunningham said the story is, "told so well by an author who has a unique feel for the place, the passion, and the time."

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