Murray-Calloway County Hospital Says First County Case Recovering

Apr 4, 2020

Credit Murray Calloway County Hospital, Facebook

  The CEO of Murray-Calloway County Hospital says his hospital has been notified of a sixth case of the novel coronavirus as of Saturday morning, with the first reported case in Calloway County expected “to be fully recovered very soon.”


Murray-Calloway County Hospital CEO Jerry Penner in a Facebook post said while more positive cases of the coronavirus will come, he believes the community is doing a “fantastic job” to control the spread of the virus. He said out of the six cases, five are quarantined at home and one is hospitalized.


“Stay the course, wash your hands often, and continue to social distance,” Penner said. “Please be aware that we saw a spike of Strep [throat] this week in patients so don’t be afraid to get yourself checked out in precaution.”


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