Murray-Calloway Parks and Rec Appoints Interim Director

Oct 21, 2016

Credit Facebook

The City of Murray has appointed Bill Marcum to serve as its Interim Parks Director.

Marcum served on the Murray-Calloway Parks and Recreation board for two years before being named interim director in an unanimous vote Monday. Marcum says he plans to implement a new budget and make improvements to the city’s park.


“We need new baseball field lighting. We’ve got some pool problems again. We’re gonna have to really look at a lot of electrical boxes and that kind of equipment around the pool and some drainage with it,” says Marcum.


Marcum says he is not taking compensation as interim director and views the post as giving back to the community. The board will start a search for a new director at the beginning of next year. Marcum served as Calloway County Sheriff from 2007 to 2014.