Murray Parks Nickel Tax Forum Takes Place Next Week

Oct 24, 2014

Before it goes before the voters next month, the tax referendum benefiting Murray parks will be discussed at a public forum Tuesday. The referendum would place a five cent tax on every one hundred dollars’ worth of assessed property.

Murray-Calloway County Parks Director Tab Brockman visited WKMS to discuss the referendum. He says the money would go toward much needed projects, including the repair or replacement of the 40-year-old city pool that leaks more than 3,000 gallons of water each day.

“That becomes a safety issue, because when you have water in that amount leaving from the pool, where does it go?” Brockman said.

Murray-Calloway County Parks Director Tab Brockman stops by WKMS for a Sounds Good interview.

“Water will find its own path, but it makes me very nervous about what’s happening underneath the pool in terms of solid ground to hold the pool up.”

That pool is currently supported by a 40-year-old concrete slab.

Brockman says the tax would also overhaul Central Park’s lighting system. A recent audit found the park’s soccer and baseball fields operating at 38 percent of national safety standards. 

He also says addressing the pool and lighting systems could cost millions.

The tax would raise about $1 million each year.

“If your park’s important to you, if you think they upgrade the quality of life, if you think they bring business and industry to town, then this is a very important time,” Brockman said.

“I think it’s a watershed moment for the community in terms of what’s going to happen to our parks.”

In August, a petition bearing the tax received more than three thousand signatures and solidified its position on the ballot. It’ll be up for vote Election Day, November 4th.

The public forum will be held at Murray State’s Wrather Auditorium Tuesday afternoon at 4:30.