Old Kentucky Tales S6, Ep9: Totally Outrageous Eighties Electronics Prices

Jan 9, 2020

Photo courtesy of Brent Taylor

Jason and Brent look back at 1980's technology and prices compared to today, including the Commodore 64, large televisions, stereos, VCRs, car phones and interest rates (with some food talk thrown in as well).  And they take note of two random Instagram followers of OKT in an effort to see who is listening!  The Fake History Sponsors are from the 1920's: Shoes With No Nails and a Sunstroke Sale at Merz Brothers.  Share comments here or on the Apple Podcasts app, iTunes or NPROne.  Old Kentucky Tales is produced by sound engineer Todd Birdsong at WKCTC's Paducah School of Art and Design.