Paducah Mayor Pro Tem Richard Abraham Wants To Rescind 2017 Veterans Day Parade Resolution

Jan 10, 2019

Credit Official Headshot, City of Paducah

Paducah Mayor Pro Tem Richard Abraham said he wants to rescind a 2017 commision resolution regarding the Veterans Day Parade and who can participate.

The resolution limits participation in the parade to those that represent the flag of the United States and the Veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Abraham said the resolution does not reference the display of flags in the parade and has been misinterpreted to negatively affect the community. He said city staff asked the Sons of Confederate Veterans to take down their flag at the last parade.

“Our staff is moving on that because they feel empowered by the resolution,” Abraham said. “The other two groups that weren’t allowed to display their banners and flags were our two local high schools.”

He said he was not present at the meeting that passed the resolution.

At a city commission meeting Tuesday, Abraham said he believes the resolution may be a violation of First Amendment rights and asked Commissioners to consider the resolution at their meeting on January 22.

Commissioner Sandra Wilson asked for the members of the Veterans Day Parade Committee be present at the meeting. Wilson also asked city staff get a legal opinion regarding the validity of the resolution. Mayor Brandi Harless was absent from the meeting.